Become a Moderator

Moderators are essential to our success as a community.

Our VIPs, our champions, our guiding lights. Presenting engaging, interesting, organized and, most importantly, accurate content ensures our community is getting the most from the PY Clubhouse, and mods are absolutely crucial to achieving this goal.

Mod Cred

What qualities we’re looking for in a moderator?


Keep the conversation(s) going


Be willing to Mediate Disputes


Be neutral


Be knowledgeable of the Sector


Flag and remove inaccurate content, spam and trolls

Mod Application

Investing covers an ever-growing range of topics and sectors, so we’re constantly on the lookout for Mod-Talent. If you’re interested in moderating for the PY Investor Clubhouse (and earning more points whiles doing so) contact us below.👇