Why Invest in Startups

Now entering a whole new arena.

Thanks to the JOBSAct, everyday investors have the opportunity to invest in private startups–WE get to decide which companies to vet, WE get to win (or lose) big, WE get to play in the arenas once exclusive to venture capitalists and accredited investors.

Perks of investing in Startups

High Risk, High reward

Imagine–it’s 1997, Amazon is about to go public, and as an early investor in the company, your future finances are about to look 👌. Investing in private companies in the early stage has the potential for a major payout for investors, but they are very risky. There’s a good chance you could lose everything you put in, so it’s important to analyze how much risk you’re willing to take on.

Social Capital

Find and vet companies that share your values. As an early investor, you have the potential to make more than money–you have a chance to propel the change-making companies of the future. Invest in what you believe in.

Popular sectors

Explore the many sectors of possible investments in the Public Yield Investor Clubhouse–from stocks and bonds to cryptocurrencies and NFTs, and many more.




Real Estate




Food & Beverage

Health & Lifestyle

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